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The local people are warm-hearted and friendly. Ravaged by a 17-year civil war, this industrious community has bounced back and achieved much in a short time. The three lodges on Benguerua Island have created ample job opportunities for the islanders as well as mainland Mozambicans. Marlin Lodge is committed to the social upliftment of the local community and will continue launching projects in future, as we have done in the past. Visitors to the Island pay a $10 National Parks levy, of which $8 go to the Bazaruto National Parks fund for the conservation of the National Park and $2 to Khani Kwedo, the local community fund which we have established in 2001 in collaboration with Benguerua Lodge.

Marlin Lodge supports the islanders by:

  • Hiring dhows for guest cruises
  • Using their dhows for transport of goods to and from Marlin Lodge
  • Buying fish from local fisherman for our staff and guests
  • Creating jobs and teaching skills such as carpentry, cooking and bricklaying
  • Providing an in-house clinic which offers islanders free medical assistance and medicines.

Marlin Lodge’s latest initiative is a soup kitchen for children, where we use excess food from the kitchen to cook a nutritious soup two or three times a week. We also provide dessert once a week. As very little vegetables and fruit are grown on the island, the soup kitchen provides local children with a regular, nutritious meal.

Find out more about How you can help here. We also support ongoing local initiatives such as Machilla Magic

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