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Discover a dazzling array of underwater wonders snorkelling in a mesmerising aquatic realm. The Bazaruto Archipelago is one of the safest marine environments and snorkelling over reefs within the archipelago is a truly memorable adventure.

Fully PADI certified scuba diving excursions are available for exploration of the vibrant marine life living in an oasis of coral reefs. Marlin Lodge’s Dive Centre offers various diving courses and certifications, with numerous dive sites suiting all levels of diver, from beginner through to experienced.

The warm topical waters surrounding the Bazaruto Archipelago are home to some of nature's finest marine life with a spectacular variety of fish, coral, marine mammals and plants. Water temperatures range from 28°C in summer (30°C between December and February) to 22°C during the winter months.

The various dive sites can be reached with our 27-ft catamaran Novacat, equipped to accommodate 8 divers and their equipment.

All dives take place at locations as determined by Marlin Lodge's dive instructor.

Diving Locations:

  • 2 Mile Reef: A narrow channel separates Benguerua Island from its northern neighbour, Bazaruto Island. The reef is 2 miles east of the channel and provides a variety of dive locations with abundant hard and soft corals, reef fish, turtle, reef shark, moray eel, grouper, stingray and devil ray. Seasonal whale sharks and manta rays can also be seen.
    Duration: Three hours. Depth: 10 - 20 metres.
  • The Wreck (Home Reef): Marlin Lodge's own manmade reef, (a sunken yacht and tractor) is approximately 800 m from the lodge and ideal for novice divers. A variety of reef and pelagic fish species can be seen here.
    Duration: One hour. Depth: 7 - 12 metres.
  • Aquarium (Low tide only): A pool within 2 Mile Reef, where an amazing variety of fish and spectacular hard and soft coral offer the finest diving for beginners.
    Duration: Three hours. Depth: 1 - 8 metres.
  • 5 Mile Reef: Located five miles from Benguerua Island, this reef provides divers with the opportunity to sight pelagic fish. Nurse sharks have also been spotted there.
    Duration: Three hours. Depth: 8 - 20 metres.
  • Magaruque Express (Drift Dive): Located off the Island of Magaruque, where a strong current provides a brisk drift dive.
    Duration: Two hours. Depth: 6 - 12 metres.
  • Cabo San Sebastio: Ideal for advanced divers, this reef is known for sightings of the seasonal whale shark and manta ray. Schools of pelagic kingfish and barracuda may be seen as well as stingray, shark, potato bass, moray eel and turtles.
    Duration: Full day (2 dives). Depth: 20 - 40 metres.
  • Pipe Reef (House Reef): Approximately a mile from Marlin Lodge, this spot is ideal for novice divers and popular for night dives. The rare Spanish dancer nudibranch and frogfish can be seen here.
    Duration: Two hours. Depth: 8 - 12 metres.

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