CODP 6 month graduation & exhibition
June 2012

Guide to Bazaruto
Traveller Conde Naste

Marlin Lodge celebrates earth hour
Michelle Wright for Africa Exclusive
April 2012

Marlin Lodge
Jeremiah Allen for Wild Safari Africa
Jan 2012

A Mozambican holiday at Marlin Lodge
David Ryan for Rhino Africa
Sept 2011

Marlin Lodge
Kate for South Africa Safari Lodge
Sept 2011 - Recommended Partner


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Featured Articles
Marlin Lodge has been featured in numerous leading publications, we have made some of these available for you to checkout on line, please click on any of the thumbnails below.

Beeld: Piekniek Plesier
Nov 2012

Die woord "piekniek" het vir my 'n towerkrag. Dit roep beelde op van luilekker ontspan op sagte komberse terwyl 'n mens weglê aan ietsie heerliks en kyk hoe die son deur 'n blaredak loer. Sodra die weer warmer word, begin ek piekniek-planne beraam. Wat maak 'n piekniek so spesiaal?

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Shanghai Talk: Magical Mozambique
Nov 2012

You may have been to Boracay, partied in Phuket, lazed in Langkawi and walked along the white sands of Waikiki, but that doesn't necessarily mean you've seen the best beaches the world has to o!er. For this you have to cast your net further, all the way to Africa in fact. If you are looking for
the best of the best, it's time to sneak a peak at Mozambique

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National Marine Week: Plight of our oceans
Oct 2012

By volume, oceans make up 99% of the Earth's living space. Our planet should, in fact, be called Ocean and not Earth! More than 97% of our entire planet's water is contained in the ocean. According to the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organisation, a minimal 2% is frozen in glaciers, less than 0.3 % is carried in the atmosphere by clouds, while global inland seas and lakes constitute 0.02 % of Earth's water.

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